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VegetoDynamik® - A gift for beauty, health, well-being

The creative power of a holistic treatment

VegetoDynamik® according to Margot Esser is a gentle, holistic body treatment which leads one deeply to oneself and brings one into a new balance. By careful contact and massages, which are adapted to your needs, as well as selected medicinal plants, blockages are solved and blocked life energy can flow in this way, a state of extreme well-being and inner satisfaction is achieved. The self-healing powers that are inherent in each human being are activated, physical and psychological slag substances are mobilized and diverted. They are led to you own deep, inner source of strength and happiness. The VegetoDynamik treatment works exclusives with selected, natural healing and useful plants, herbs and oils.

With the purity and vitality, they promote the flow of life energy. They are applied artfully – both internally and ecternally – to help the tissue relax at the levels. The skin can be restructured and regenerated in a very short time. The force and emanation, fed from the inner force source, will be quickly and visible to you.

In the vegetodynamicas medicinal plants and oils are individually selected and put together according to your current needs.

Gentle head-neck treatment
A Massage fort he shoulde and neck, frees the head from stress, relaxest he facial features and relieves the neck. Vitalising treatment with the Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf.
approx. 25 minutes € 40,-
Vegetodynamic foot and leg massage
Beneficial foot compresses form the basis for a relaxing massage treatment of toes, feet, legs and joints.
approx. 35 minutes € 60,-
Vegetodynamic whole body treatment
Deep relexation from head to toe.
approx. 60 minutes € 85,-

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