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Sauna infusions in the block hut

"Kneip" cures hearty

Fresh and lively you start after a delicious breakfast from the buffet into the day. However,if you are a moring sports type, you will be fit for a sauna with subsequent “kneippen”. Our Sauna-outdoor-canadin-cabin offers views and moments of peace and relaxation. Sweat with soothing infusions to fell the body healthy. Afterwards, walk through the cool flowering water, lifting your feet or treat yourself to refreshment in our rock shower.

After several saunas highly recommend our relaxing massages. Please ask at our reception for more information.

Our Tip: The Bodensee-Therme in Überlingen. 5*****. Relaxation is guaranteed here. In the thermal, sports and fun baths as well as the different saunas you can be pampered to do something good for the body. If you prefer it small and fine, the Meersburger Therme with its unique “Pfahlbausaunen” is highly recommended.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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