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Massages at Gerbehof

Beneficial applications with Kurland products and Pharmos Nature - Green Luxury

Back massage approx. 20 minutes € 25,-
Whole body massage
approx. 40 minutes € 40,- 
Whole body aromaoil massage with Pharmos natural oils Citrus, Rose or Joy approx. 45 minutes € 45,-
Kids massage
approx. 20 minutes € 18,-
Algae peeling with Aloe Vera juice, soft, moisturizing approx. 30 minutes € 40,-
Detox salt peeling with Detox oil, purifying approx. 30 minutes € 40,-
Pampering manicure / pampering pedicure (without nail polish) incl. Facial regeneration mask with aloe vera juice gaze approx. 45 minutes each each € 45,-
Kids-Feet Food bath and massage
approx. 20 minutes € 18,-

Green Luxury
NATUR PUR on the skin Experience and enjoy, beauty from inside and outside, holistic, lasting.

All Pharmos Natur-Green Luxury products contain a unique holistic network of 100% herbal ingredients. With pure Aloe Vera-Biourjuice instead of chemically treated water – as is otherwise contained in all cosmetic products. The Aloe Vera-Biourjuice contains over 100 active ingredients, which in contrast to water deep in to the skin. The PharmosNatural products are tested by ECO Econtroll and the leading plants used are also biocertified according to the food legislation. And above all: without alcohol, without citric acid and without parabene and preservatives.



Pharmos Nature
Facial treatment „Classic“ for him and her

A gentle facial treatment for each type of skin with cleansing and gentle peeling, a harmonious massage with Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf and bioactive regeneration for the face, neck and décolleté.
approx. 60 minutes € 60,-
Small Trip with Pharmos Nature
Pampering treatment for our little guests: Children: a fresh, radiant sunshine is waiting for you …
approx. 30 minutes
€ 35,-
Pharmos Nature – Joy for Life
Radiantly beautiful with fimer, lively and fresh skin. Beneficial foot compresses agree to this treatment. After cleansing and exfoliation, a wonderful facial massage with aloe vera, neck , arms and hands awaits you with natural treasures. A facial pack individually ailored to your needs, pampers your skin. The conclusion is a frehness kick for your feet. Your skin will shine again
approx. 75 minutes € 70,-
Anti-Stress Facial treatment
Peace and serenity as a result of this treatment will inspire you. Feel the perfection of the nature. An all-round treatment from head to toe. Through the gentle but effective massage, the active ingredients of the precious anti-stress serum reach penetrate deeply into the tissue. The rare oils unfold in their perfection on the house and envelop the soul. The exfoliating and deeply regenerating active ingredient complex releases internal tensions, soothes the nervous system and eliminates signs of fatigue and stress. A final highly effective facial and eye mask will complete your treatment. Freed from everyday stress, your soul finds time to dream, let got and gain new strength.
approx. 90 minutes € 94,-
Men Only
Skin treatment specially adapted to the needs of men’s skin. Cleansing, gentle, invigorating massage of the face and neck. A final vitalizing pack gives your skin freshness and vitality
  • Moisturizing and revitalizing
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Signs of stress or strain
The result: fresh and well-groomed appearance. Relaxed well-being and new energy.
approx. 60 minutes € 70,-
Our NEW Wellness offer:

Wellness for two!
Enjoy in a fantastic atmosphere. The togetherness in a steam bath of natural stone, a walled whirlpool and a wonderfully fragrant haybed. More...
Info Treatments

Inorder tob e able to guarantee your desired treatment, we ask you to book the treatment appointments at least 2 days in advance.

Please come to the spa reception at least 5 minutes before the start of the treatment. Should you be unable to take a treatment, please let us know 24 hours beforehand. Please note that cancellations must be made on the same day. In the case of delays, we ask you and respect for the following guests for your understanding that your treatment will be shortened accordingly.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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